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You can contact us by sending an email to the following address: info@petitehelbig.com.

We are available to the public from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 19.30.

As a consumer, we have complaint forms which you can request from our registered address or download from



Company  Address: Mallorca 184, entresuelo 1ª, 08036 Barcelona, España

Contact:  info@petitehelbig.com

Inscrita TOMO 47761, Folio 16, Hoja B 561561, Inscripción 1, del Registro Mercantil de Barcelona

VAT number ESB04988689

Products available for sale in the PETITE HELBIG online store are described and presented as accurately as possible (specifications, illustrations, sizes, composition, etc.). Customers are urged to read the descriptions of all products for information about their properties and specificities. Customers select and purchase products entirely at their own risk.

The customer must be over 18 years old to be able to buy in our website. The costumer must add the products desired to the shopping basket by clicking on the “Add to shopping basket” button. Items can be deleted from the basket at any time by clicking on the “EDIT” icon in the basket view.

After confirming the shopping basket, click on “COMPLETE PURCHASE” and then fill in the customer’s delivery information. PETITE HELBIG waives all liability for inaccurate/incorrect information entered by customers.

To finalise the order, the customer must:

  • Confirm the delivery and billing address.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions of the PETITE HELBIG Privacy Policy by clicking the “I have read and accept the PETITE HELBIG Privacy Policy” box before paying for the order.
  • Customers must give express consent to use of their personal data regarding orders from the PETITE HELBIG Boutique to receive promotions for other TERESA HELBIG branded products and other messages about services or events that may be of interest to you by checking the “I agree that my data of a personal nature will be added to the database of TERESA HELBIG ALTELIER S.L with Tax Code (CIF) B-64805450 to send me TERESA HELBIG brand product promotions and other messages about TERESA HELBIG branded services and events that may be of interest to me” box before paying for the order.
  • Pay for the order by clicking on the “Pay” button and using the secure payment system.

All products are subject to availability and all product orders must be expressly accepted by PETITE HELBIG and only become binding when PETITE HELBIG sends the buyer confirmation by means of an “Order Confirmation” email. If the order is rejected and the customer’s card or account has been debited, PETITE HELBIG will refund the entire amount.

PETITE HELBIG reserves the right to withdraw products from this website at any time, and to delete or change any material or content thereof. Likewise, PETITE HELBIG reserves the right to cancel the order even when it has been confirmed, reimbursing the total amount paid to the buyer, PETITE HELBIG being entirely responsible for cancelling the order.

The customer formally agrees to the use of the email address provided to PETITE HELBIG to confirm/cancel the content of your order. Only products listed in the Order Confirmation sent by email will be included in the order.

Product prices are stated in euros (€) and are stipulated when making the order in the PETITE HELBIG online store. In case of an error in the price of the order, PETITE HELBIG will notify the buyer as soon as possible, offering the option to confirm or cancel the order.

Prices of orders placed within the European Union include VAT and all other applicable taxes, but exclude delivery charges, which might be added to the total price at current rates. Orders placed outside the European Union are not subject to community VAT. Taxes and duties payable in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

Delivery charges when not free of charge might be added to the total cost of the order and the estimated delivery charges are as follows:

  • Deliveries to mainland Spain and Portugal cost €10 and the estimated delivery time is 1-2 days
  • Deliveries to the Balearic Islands cost €15 and the estimated delivery time is 2-3 days
  • Deliveries to European Union member states cost €35 and the estimated delivery time is 3-4 days.
  • Deliveries to other countries cost €60 and the estimated delivery time is 4-5 days.

PETITE HELBIG accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payment information is entered in a secure page and transmitted by SSL.

After paying, orders can be changed or cancelled by sending an email to info@petitehelbig.com, containing all the order information and requesting the change or cancellation.  However, customers may also exercise their right to withdraw from the contract in compliance with the conditions described in the Returns Policy section.

PETITE HELBIG reserves the right to withhold the order in case of a dispute with the customer until this is resolved.

In such cases, the customer will be informed by email that the order has been cancelled and any amounts paid before cancellation of the order will be reimbursed by PETITE HELBIG

The website uses information security techniques generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all in order to prevent unauthorized access to data and the possible theft thereof. To achieve these ends, the user / client accepts that the provider obtains data for the purposes of the corresponding authentication of access controls.

We offer 100% secure payment. At petitehelbig.com we guarantee that each of the transactions made is 100% secure.

All the purchases you make on our website are endorsed by the secure server of the Banco Santander bank, so that your data is protected and encrypted by the most advanced technology, so it is much safer to send your data to the Secure Server of banks to pay at a gas station, restaurant, etc.

What happens when I send my data over the network?

When you make the purchase and choose the payment method, when you click on the Card Payment button the website connects with the Secure Server, from that moment you enter to navigate in the secure area and enter your bank details in the Secure server of the bank, which ensures that the operation meets the required security requirements and performs the operation, after which the confirmation of the same appears and the buyer returns to the store again.

Could someone know the encryption key?

Every time a user connects to a Secure Server, it is in charge of generating a random key for the session that it is establishing with the user, while the client’s browser generates another key, equally random, that serves to identify itself to the user. server.

If at the time a secure connection is established, other users connect to the server, new keys are generated again to identify the participants in the connection.

The Secure Server ensures that the keys generated never coincide while establishing several simultaneous connections.

How do I know that a secure connection has actually been established?

You can tell if you have connected to a Secure Server if the URL starts with “https: //”. In addition, the most used browsers indicate this graphically by means of an icon that shows the user whether or not there is a secure connection (for example, in the case of Internet Explorer, the yellow closed padlock appears).

What security protocol is used in the transmissions?

In the connections with the Secure Server, the latest specifications of the standard security protocol in the network are used: SSL.

What financial institution guarantees the security of my transactions?

When you make a purchase with a debit or credit card in our Petitehelbig.com Online Store, Banco Santander’s Secure Server provides all its experience and technological infrastructure to provide safe and efficient support for all electronic purchase transactions. When a payment request arrives at the Banco Santander Secure Server, it is in charge of managing the authorization or denial, in real time, of the payment of that purchase after confirming that all the data is correct to make the payment.

Where can you obtain more information?

If you want more information on security issues, you can use the one provided by Banco Santander on its website, www.bancosantander.es

How do we protect your credit card payment?

petitehelbig.com uses a server based on one of the most reliable secure payment systems on the Internet: the SSL (Secure Socked Layer) security protocol. (For more information, visit www.ssl.com).

All your personal data and the information you transmit to us travels in encrypted form through the network, and is protected and encrypted before being sent for processing.

Only CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) transactions will be accepted for payment with Visa and Mastercard. After verifying that the card is attached to the CES system, the system will contact the bank that issued it so that the buyer authorizes the purchase. Once the bank confirms the authenticity, the card will be charged. Otherwise the order will be canceled.

The payment gateway that we use for your credit card payment is Banco Santander, which encrypts your data through the 256-bit SSL protocol. Our system does not store any bank details of your credit card, but goes directly to the Ecommerce POS (Point of Sale Terminal) of the Bank.

What is SSL?

The latest advances in browser and server technology have made it easy to use web services without worries related to wire fraud. An example of this is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), developed by Netscape, a security protocol submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet draft. Basically, the protocol allows the browser and the server of a web session to authenticate each other and protect the information that will subsequently flow between both points. Through the use of cryptographic techniques such as encryption and digital signature, the protocol:

■ Allows browsers and web servers to authenticate each other.

■ Allows website owners to control access to particular servers, directories, files, or services

■ Allows the sharing of confidential information (such as credit card numbers) between the browser and the server, keeping it inaccessible to third parties.

■ Allows you to ensure that the data exchanged by the browser and the server cannot be corrupted, either accidentally or deliberately, without being detected.

Orders will not be delivered to PO boxes, hotels or other temporary addresses. Product delivery dates are approximate, and PETITE HELBIG accepts no liability for failure to deliver by the above mentioned dates for any reason.

PETITE HELBIG will notify the customer by email when the carrier takes possession of the package. Likewise, the selected carrier will send an email to the customer with a tracking number and the estimated delivery date. If it is impossible to deliver the order because the customer is not at the delivery location, the carrier will contact the customer by text message or by email to arrange a new delivery date. If possible, the carrier will leave a delivery note at the customer’s address.

PETITE HELBIG offers customers the option to return goods, for no reason, for fifteen (15) calendar days starting with receipt of the order stated on the carrier’s receipt signed by the customer.

The buyer’s right to withdraw applies solely to products which are returned in the same condition that they were received, including all packaging, labelling, seals, security marks, instructions and documents. Each product must be returned new and in the original packaging. PETITE HELBIG will not reimburse customers for products with broken seals and that have been used and damaged, which will be returned to the buyer.

To exercise your right to withdraw, you must notify us of your decision to return the goods within the stipulated 15 days from the delivery date by sending an email to info@petitehelbig.com, stating which articles and quantities you wish to return, your name, postal address, order number, telephone number and email. PETITE HELBIG will reply with an email acknowledging receipt of your decision to return the goods within the deadline stated to be able to arrange the return.

In any case, you must return the products within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product or products ordered.

Once PETITE HELBIG has checked that this is within the deadline for returning the order, you will have two options:

  • For returns from Spain and Portugal, PETITE HELBIG will forward the customer’s information to the carrier which will collect the package from the address provided when placing the original order and to which it was delivered, at no additional cost to the customer.
  • For returns from European Union member states and the rest of the world, PETITE HELBIG will send an email to the address provided by the customer attaching a pre-paid UPS label for the customer to affix to the package for return, which must be given UPS, at no additional cost to the customer.

PETITE HELBIG also reserves the right to reject the goods returned or refuse to exchange any goods returned by the customer that do not correspond to the order or which originate from a source other than the PETITE HELBIG online store.

PETITE HELBIG will not reimburse customers for delivery costs incurred when returning products by methods other than those facilitated by PETITE HELBIG.

Having complied with all the above requirements, PETITE HELBIG will reimburse all amounts paid for the products returned minus delivery costs to the customer’s credit card or the bank account used to make the original payment. The reimbursements will be made within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date on which PETITE HELBIG receives the returned products and has checked that they are in a suitable condition

Our site uses cookies (small text files that we send to your computer or the device used for access), which will may access when you visit our website in the future. There are four different types of cookies:

FUNCTIONALITY COOKIES: These cookies enable users to browse the website and use our functions, such as, for example, shopping carts and wish lists.

ANALYTICAL COOKIES: we use these cookies to measure and analyse how our customers use the website. This enables us to make ongoing improvements to our website and to improve the shopping experience.

CUSTOMER PREFERENCE COOKIES: when you browse or shop online, the website remembers the preferences that you select (for example, your username, language and location). This makes your browsing experience simpler, easier and more personal.

TARGET OR ADVERTISING COOKIES: these cookies are used to display advertisements that are relevant to you. They also restrict the number of times you see an advertisement and help us to measure the efficiency of our advertising campaigns.

By using our website, you agree to us installing this type of cookies on your device and allow us to access them when you visit the site again in the future.

If you wish to delete cookies from your computer, see your Internet browser setting options where you will find instructions on how to locate the file or directory where cookies are stored.

You will find information about deleting and controlling cookies at www.AboutCookies.org.. Please note that if you delete our cookies or deactivate future cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or functions of our website.

By means of this Privacy Policy, PETITE HELBIG S.L. (herein PETITE HELBIG), with tax code ESB04988689, and with registered address in Barcelona, calle Mallorca 184 entresuelo 1ª, hereby informs users of its Personal Data Protection Policy, which enables users to freely and voluntarily decide whether to provide PETITE HELBIG, the processing supervisor, with any personal data that it may require or which it may obtain from users using this WEBSITE.

Personal data provided in forms, promotions, newsletters, suggestion boxes, etc., is included in a database containing data of a personal nature owned by PETITE HELBIG, which guarantees strict compliance with the law on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, and therefore, users are informed and consent to the inclusion of their data in the database, registered in the RGPD, and the automated processing of these data, to manage the relationship or register, or for advertising purposes and/or to send messages from PETITE HELBIG, to which your voluntarily grant your consent and provide your personal data.

PETITE HELBIG hereby notifies users that the fields in the registration form are voluntary, however, failure to complete all of them will make it impossible to provide the service requested.

Users are liable for the truthfulness of the data provided, and PETITE HELBIG waives all liability for this.

Users agree that they may revoke their permission to process their data at any time, without retroactive effect.

The PETITE HELBIG privacy policy guarantees the exercise of your right to access, rectify, cancel or challenge under the terms established in the applicable law to the Party responsible for the File, at the following address: PETITE HELBIGS.L.., Mallorca 184 Entresuelo 1ª, 08036 Barcelona

The following terms and conditions govern access and use of the website, which is owned by PETITE HELBIG SL (herein PETITE HELBIG), whose registered address is in calle Mallorca 184 Entresuelo 1ª, 08036 de Barcelona with V.A.T. ESB04988689 Tel: +34-934515544 and contact email info@petitehelbig.com.

Buyers of any product through the Official PETITE HELBIG Online Store are subject to the following Sales Terms. Orders may be placed by physical persons and companies to purchase PETITE HELBIG products not intended for resale. Resale or distribution of PETITE HELBIG goods purchased through the website www.teresahelbig.com is strictly prohibited. PETITE HELBIG reserves the right to update these Sales Terms at any time. Buyers may consult the latest version of the Sales Terms at any time by clicking on the link entitled “Sales Terms”. To place orders through the PETITE HELBIG Online Store, Buyers are required to accept the applicable Sales Terms when placing the order.


These General Terms (“General Terms”) govern access, browsing and use of this website.


2.1 PETITE HELBIG reserves all intellectual property rights over the website and is also the owner or licence holder of intellectual and image rights over its contents.

2.2. Under no circumstances will access and browsing by the User be deemed to constitute a waiver, transfer, licence or total or partial granting of any rights by PETITE HELBIG.

2.3. It is also prohibited to change, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, send by mail, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or any of the contents included in the Website.


PETITE HELBIG accepts no liability for contents that link to third-party websites (social networks).

Users, entities or websites wishing to establish a link with the website must request permission to do so.


Relationships between PETITE HELBIG and the User regarding this LEGAL NOTICE are governed by the provisions of the applicable law and jurisdiction.